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Technorati Content Tag Linkage

January 18, 05 by kenrich

Well I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagen and start tagging entries on my blog. I downloaded the Technorati plugin for and modified my entry template. For those who aren’t aware of this, Technorati provides a common place where you can view blog entries and photographs that are tagged with the same keywords. It is kind of a search engine where the content must be actively linked to Technorati.

In essence, they are really making all of the content authors do the work of indexing their work and placing it on Technorati. This can be considered another form of the DMOZ (the web directory edited by humans.) When you click on a link from a tag, you are taken to the Technocrati Web site where you will see a list of content that references the same tag.

This is useful because you can see when others people are writing about the same topics as you. As another searchable resource, it is like getting an instant search result listing without having to wait for a spider to crawl your site. Of course, that depends on how often Technorati updates their pages. Yet another way we can all help to share useless information via our blogs!

Banner Exchange Programs

January 17, 05 by kenrich

Today I continued my research into by studying up on banner advertising. Some pundits have claimed that banner advertising was dead because people just ignore them nowadays. Although, recent study has shown that they still work (although probably not as well as they used to.) The banner site on this blog is my first banner ad that I’ve made to promote Orvado Technologies, my web development and hosting company.

As part of my study, I am putting together a lot of useful information on a wiki site. For now it is going to be a private site since I plan to put some company secrets on there. I find it is a good way to create a common area to collect useful bits of wisdom. I can refer back to this as necessary to find information that I have previously discovered on the Internet.

As part of my continued research and learning, I am going to work on a . While I am developing the site, I will be working on a promotion for the site. The site is going to be totally unique and won’t be the standard 2-for-1 banner exchange network. Please stay tuned here for more information.

Time Goes By So Fast

January 16, 05 by kenrich

This morning, I have been making a backup copy of my camcorder video and reviewing all of the entries that I made over the past couple of years. Its fun to see your kids growing up before your eyes. A lot of times we don’t really notice because we live with them all the time.

Our two kids are 3 and 5 years old. Both are little girls and cute as can be (in my humble opinion.) We have only had about one two-week vacation in the 5-or-so years we have been married so their isn’t much tape that I’ve recorded. I’ll have to start posting some pictures on my blog so you can see what they look like. I ought to post a picture of myself also!

My entire family had a really good time at our family get-together in Canada last summer. There’s a good chance we will do the same vacation again. Of course my wife is talking about making a trip to Australia very soon so I’m not too sure.

Make sure you don’t get too involved in work … it’s always good to take a good chunk of time off to spend with family and friends. This is especially important if you have young kids.

Orvado Blog Hosting Promotion – $5 per Month

January 14, 05 by kenrich

Yes, I am now officially an advertising whore. Like many other blogs I have read through on Blog Explosion, I have placed a rather large advertisement at the top of my page. This is to help promote my web hosting services through Orvado Technologies.

If you care to learn more about the special blog hosting deal I have put together, please click on the banner ad above. I would also appreciate it if you could leave some comments here about the package I am offering and whether or not you have any suggestions that might help improve it.

A lot of hosting companies are doing blog hosting right now and I thought I would toss my hat into the ring. We have a lot of experience in hosting and can setup a professional blog site within 24 hours. If your blog is hosted and not provide by a service (such as blogger), I would love to hear how you like your service and what are the pros and cons of your hosting package. Thanks!

Starting the Web Site Marketing Campaign

January 13, 05 by kenrich

Today was a very busy day at work. I’ve been diving full-force into learning Internet marketing and I am preparing to put together a full marketing plan for our business. In the meantime, I have already begun to start marketing our site. Our business has been around for nearly four years now and we have had virtually no marketing to our credit. This should be just the shot in the arm our business needs in order to get our business growing.

So today I began researching all of the tips and tricks that Internet marketers use when promoting a web site. These include link-building, search-engine optimization, e-mail campaigns, creating targeted web content and banner-exchange programs. And those are just some of the free options available. I don’t exactly have a lot of money in my budget for our first annual marketing campaign, so you know most of my efforts will focus on the free campaigns this year.

In preparation for this campaign, I have been making upgrades to our company site (Orvado Technologies) to make the site easier to navigate and to include more valuable content. Having good content will help to create searchable content for the engines and to help encourage inbound links from other sites.

Learning Marketing and Business Skills

January 12, 05 by kenrich

Although, I’m still feeling the effects of a nasty stomach virus that I got this weekend, I went to work for the second day in a row. Today was a very busy day at work (well, compared to normal.) I spent some time getting back into the flow of things and fixing some bugs on our application. At the same time, I also put together an e-mail campaign for one of our clients.

Personally, I setup a new site to collect information about marketing a small business. My wife and I are going to be setting up an e-commerce site and selling products online. Hopefully, this should bring in a little more revenue this year. The new site is just a wiki site for collecting informational articles.

So far I’ve found some excellent articles on the net that have contributed to my knowledge. Well, I shouldn’t say contributed, because I am really starting at zero. I have no formal business training or education and I’m sure it shows. An excellent site for information is I was going to buy a book on Marketing, but there is so much good information on the Internet, I can compile a book on my wiki by combining all of the best information I find.

Free Projects are Great – Most of the Time

January 11, 05 by kenrich

After launching my re-designed Linux Docs web site, I noticed a significant drop in traffic. It seems that even though the site appeared empty, users were still accessing the large collection of HOWTOs on the site. A HOWTO is a plain text document addressing a specific task.

So I have begun translating the latest version of HOWTOs into my wiki site. I’m sure I will lose quite a bit of traffic in the short term, but I wasn’t earning any money off that site anyways. The site is just basically a way to give something back to the Linux community which has helped me to learn how to setup and administer a Linux computer.

This year, I have committed myself to promoting the money-making aspects of my business more. Our web development business has been languishing over the past few years due to a lack of marketing and sales. We don’t have the money to hire someone even on a contract basis. My plan is to take on this role myself and learn as much as I can about sales and marketing this year.

Sick With a Nasty Stomach Virus

January 10, 05 by kenrich

I’ve been out of action for a couple of days because of a nasty stomach virus that has afflected me. I believe that I got it from my daughter just the other day. It has really made me feel week and my body has been aching bit.

Consequentially, I haven’t gotten any work done on my projects. I hope to be back in action first thing in the morning. There are a lot of projects on my plate right now and I need to start getting a lot of stuff done. Hopefully, this will be the last of the “cold season” for me.

As you all know, the Chargers lost the first playoff game the other night. It doesn’t really surprise me. They never fail to disappoint me each and every season. Now that’s consistancy that even George Bush would approve of!

Gotta Love the San Diego Chargers

January 08, 05 by kenrich

Tonight, our San Diego Chargers are playing the New York Jets in the AFC Wildcard game. I’m not that big of a football fan but the Chargers don’t make it to the playoffs that often. So tonight I’m watching the football game on TV and hoping that they can win this game.

It is just now the start of the third quarter and the game is tied 7-7. We have had quite a bit of rain down here so both teams have to play on a wet field. The rain is pretty light tonight so conditions are pretty good for playing.

I don’t have too much time to watch sports anymore, so it will be very rare that you will see me blog about sports. I am more of a hockey fan myself. I guess you can attribute that to my Canadian heritage. But if the Chargers do well tonight, you can be sure that I’ll be rooting them on through the rest of the season. Go Chargers!

It’s Now Time for me To Take My Second Lunch

January 07, 05 by kenrich

Today is the first day of 4 straight rainy days in a row. This is highly unusual (captain) for weather like this in sunny San Diego. Although, on this first day, we really haven’t gotten that much rain. Today is a pretty boring and uninteresting day at work, just doing some routine maintenance on our web sites.

One of my cube-mates went out for a job interview today. About 2 minutes after he left, my boss walked in and asked, “where has he gone, did he go to lunch?” And of course, I said “yeah, I think so”. It looks like he has a pretty promising lead on a job really close to where he works now. If he leaves, he will be the second person to leave from our IT department this year alone.

This would really leave me in a pickle, because we will have lost two developers in the span of a week and I will be left to pick up the slack. So far the work load hasn’t been extraordinary, but it’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes and we will be feeling the crunch again. It might be time to start polishing off my resume … oh wait, I already did!