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February 28, 05 by kenrich

Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve made a blog entry. I’ve been relaxing more than often lately. This weekend I went out to eat with my parents again. I can finally say that everyone in my family has gotten over the flu bug or whatever it is. My girls spent the night at my parents night last night (which is the first time in a few weeks).

I watched the oscars last night and everything went pretty much as predicted. The one unknown was who was going to win best picture. My wife thougth “The Aviator” would win (but she hasn’t even seen the movie yet.) She had me convinced so I was a little surprised to see that “Million Dollar Baby” won.

After the flick I watched the movie “Collateral Damage” which was airing on TV. I would rate it a pretty good movie and worth seeing if you can see it for free. I’m really behind on the movies I have seen – I am going to try to start taping more shows off of TV and watching them when time affords. And by taping, I mean recording with my Replay TV – definitely worth the money to invest in a DVR and Replay TV skips commercials automatically so you don’t even have to hit a button on your remote.

Time to Roll My Own Blog Service

February 23, 05 by kenrich

I’ve noticed that SixApart has been publishing a lot of press releases lately and it is interesting to see how their company has grown from a “mom-and-pop” shop to an international organization. According to their Web site, they have offices in San Francisco, London and Tokyo. This is no doubt due to a large sum of money given to them by a venture capitalist to the tune of 11.5 million.

You know, blog software is not all that hard to write – I have essentially done the same thing with my ASP Nuke web portal software. Blogs are becoming increasingly popular and this year should see an explosion of growth. That’s why I’ve decided to come up with a blogging service of my own.

It will take quite a bit of time to develop, but I will hopefully have something usable in the next couple of months. It might be a challenge because I’ve decided to program the service entirely in PHP on a UNIX platform instead of our standard Windows/ASP. It will be a good experience though and I thing the performance will be quite good. Plus, if I want to super-charge my application, I might consider porting the PHP code to a compiled Apache module written in C.

Putting in the Serious Overtime Yesterday

February 18, 05 by kenrich

Last night I had to put in 3 and 1/2 hours of overtime to get a stupid e-mail blast done. My project manager said that it had to be perfect and work in all browsers so I converted the entire stylesheet to standard HTML. It only took me about 4 hours to do it, but that’s four hours I really didn’t want to spend at work.

So I was all ready to install our new Linux server at the hosting facility yesterday. It’s easy because it’s just down the street. Only problem was it wasn’t easy because I was busy-as-hell yesterday fixing one bug after the next. On top of that, my project manager was giving me tasks left and right so I never got time to go down there.

Today, I am going to give it another try and go down there over lunch. I’ve been putting off this task for too long now and it will be great to get this done and over with. I have some big plans for the new server so I can’t wait to get it installed and online.

We got a lot of rain last night here in San Diego. The weatherman said that we are going to get a lot more over the next few days. Not the best type of weather for the upcoming three-day weekend, but what can you do?

I Am Finally Getting Over My Sickness

February 15, 05 by kenrich

I think I am finally starting to get over this cold. I think it is something more like the flu. It probably had a limited effect since I already had the flu once this year. It’s weird being sick for 10 days straight. It seems like my immune system is going in slow motion.

On a positive note, I did manage to go to work every day this week. I’m sure my co-workers didn’t appreciate me being there when I’m sick. I am continuing work on numerous bug fixes and feature additions as always.

Currently, I am studying some new computer technologies that will enhance the web services that we offer through Orvado. I read an amazing statistic that said the percentage of adults in America between the age of 22 and 39 that own an MP3 player is 10%. That’s quite a lot of people. Experts are anticipating new uses for MP3 players and Cell Phone makers are planning to incorporate MP3 players into phones.

Yes My Company Has No Clue

February 14, 05 by kenrich

Currently, the company where I work is experiencing a problem accessing our internal sites. It’s lunchtime though so it’s a good time for me to take a break. My company has been experiencing DNS problems over the past week and it has really been a problem for our service.

Even though there are a lot of smart people who work here, there still seems to be something missing. It’s probably proper testing and quality assurance before a major change is made to the network or the systems. It seems like we are in such a rush to get things done, it just gets done quick, it doesn’t get done RIGHT.

I’ve made several posting on this matter in the past. Sorry to innundate you with repeated posts on this subject, but it’s just too easy to bash the company I work for. And more than that, it’s just plain fun! Thankfully, the company that I co-founded, has had a MUCH BETTER track record. I’d like to wish everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Not Feeling Too Hot Today

February 09, 05 by kenrich

This morning I woke up with a really nasty headache and sinus pain. Nevertheless, I went to work and suffered the whole day long through the pain. It wasn’t very much fun today. I would much rather have preferred to stay home and in bed. I’m not quite sure if this a symptom of the cold that I caught this past weekend or if it is another bug that I have caught.

I’m getting really sick of being sick the past couple of months. Seems like I have been sick more often then I have been healthy. I’m sure glad the cold season is almost over.

Today was another busy day at work. I spent a lot of the day building out e-mails for our clients. It’s funny that I spend all this time doing work for other clients and when I go into the time sheet system, I can only log time for our soccer tournament. I guess they didn’t plan the timesheet system too well before forcing us to use it.

New UNIX Server Setup Part 1

February 08, 05 by kenrich

Last night I was really busy setting up a new server for my hosting company. I was configuring a new raid array and also updating the bios and RAID firmware in preparation for a new operating system install. We are adding a new server at our co-location facility in order to provide better hosting for our UNIX hosting and also to provide additional services. With any luck, I will have this installed sometime this week.

It’s been a while since I posted a blog entry. The reason is that I came down with another minor cold this past weekend and I wasn’t feeling too good. On Sunday night I watched the movie Ray on DVD. I was pretty impressed with the movie and I’d have to say that it’s the best movie that I’ve seen in the past year. Of course, I haven’t really seen too many movies this past year.

Tonight is the season finally of the Amazing Race. We’ll have to see if that “loser team” of Adam and Rebecca can manage to win. Odds are, they probably will. It usually happens that the team you want to win the least always ends up winning. This is what happened on the last series of the Amazing Race. It is also what happend at this year’s Superbowl!

My Regular Job Really Bites the Big One

February 03, 05 by kenrich

I am just getting slammed with things to do today here at work. I guess I am officially the bug fix boy around here. So not only do I have to do bug fixes for numerous clients, I have to handle mailing list campaigns for several other companies, and add new features to our applications with insanely short deadlines. You would think that I was working for a small company, but actually, I’m NOT!

Our company has about 200 different employees, but due to a recent exodus of our Information Technology people, there are not enough people here to help out with the programming / tech support issues. It’s bad enough when people start leaving one-after-another over the course of a year. It’s even worse when your company fails to hire good quality replacements.

Unless they hire some good programmers to help out, things are going to go from bad-to-worse around here. It’s funny how they stiffed us on our bonuses this year. It seems like they have no respect for us and don’t appreciate us at all. Sorry to bitch about stuff like this on my blog. I only hope my boss comes here to read this! Hahah – hope your job doesn’t suck as bad as mine does.

Google Adwords Marketing Program

February 01, 05 by kenrich

Today, I started a trial Adwords campaign on google to promote my company’s hosting services. Yes, I actually plunked down some money for some advertising but nothing like the expensive rates that are offered by Overture. I may be advertising with overture soon if Google doesn’t work out too well.

At the same time, I also updated our main business site by putting a series of boxes at the bottom of our home page detailing the hosting packages that are available. By clicking on an individual plan, you can view more details about what the plan has to offer. I am gradually adding more and more content to the site to make it a more useful resource for web developers and web site owners.

Today marks the launch of the official MSN search site. It has been in beta for quite some time now and it is good to see that Microsoft has finally launched their site. I think they did the right thing by leaving it in beta for so long to make sure they work out all of the bugs.