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Orvado Directory Launched

April 15, 05 by kenrich

Today, I finished building a link directory for Orvado.
It only took about 6 hours to build the whole thing including back-end administration. That is mainly because I have a library of code which I can draw upon which allows me to build applications quickly.

The application includes a SQL Server backend and a process whereby people can submit their sites for inclusion in the directory. I am part of a link exchange program right now, and the primary use will be for hosting links to other sites. Having the links organized by category, makes your site friendlier to search engines.

I had originally planned to have the category pages named something relevant that looked relatively static (like web_hosting.html.) However, IIS has limitations on including dynamic content (.asp pages) on static pages (.html pages.) This will be a future task for me as I struggle to understand the mysteries of how search engines work.

Go check out the Orvado Directory now!

Microsoft Updates for Windows XP

April 12, 05 by kenrich

Microsoft has just released a bunch of new security updates for Windows XP. Make sure that you go and visit the windows update site ( to ge the latest patches.

These pathes fix various vulnerabilities in the operating system which you can read about on the Windows Update site. I just updated my computers.

My Weekend Chores – Fun in the Sun

April 11, 05 by kenrich

This weekend I put up a new shelf in our bathroom at home – not totally sure what we are going to use that for, but at least it was cheap and it looks darn good if I do say so myself. I also filled a hole in the door jam near my bathroom. The ants found it all too convenient to enter our house that way.

Also this weekend, I removed the vines that were climbing on our trellis. They had been dead for about 6 months now (due to the torrent of rain we had this winter) and they weren’t showing any signs of recovery. They had been pretty big at one point so it was a shame to just tear them down like that. We are going to be buying some new vines to plant there.

The weather is perfect this time of year in San Diego. It’s a shame I have to work indoors most of the day. Currently, I am developing a new “link directory” for Orvado that allows you to define a hierarchical list of categories and then create links under each. This is going to replace the “partner sites” area of the Orvado site.

My New Job Role at Work

April 08, 05 by kenrich

I guess I really haven’t mentioned it here before, but since most of our developers have left my company, I have been designated the official bug-fix handler. This means that I work solely on problems in our code developed by other people.

I’ll admit that I am responsible for developing a lot of the code. It’s simple enough to work on my own code, but every time I have to fix a bug in some other area of the application, I really have to run a lot of tests and study the code in order to understand how everything works.

The strange thing is that most of the bugs that are being reported are in other people’s code and not mine. This makes my job even more difficult. Anoter negative aspect of this new job role is that I don’t get the time to learn new technologies or to really be creative in developing new features. But I guess if they haven’t noticed my creativity in the past four years, I don’t think they ever will.

My Parents Are Headed North Again

April 07, 05 by kenrich

My parents are heading north once again. My Mom always goes to visit my Grandma in Wasco (just outside of Bakersfield) and my dad heads north to visit with his Mom (in British Columbia.) Right now my Dad has dropped off my Mom and is making the long trek up to Canada.

He will be stopping to visit my brother who lives in Pullman, Washington for the weekend before going all the way to Canada. They had some snow in Washington last week, but I haven’t heard about anything this week. Wow! just checked the weather map and I see they are getting a lot of rain up in those parts.

It should be a very interesting trip for my dad. This isn’t the first time he has driven up north when it’s been snowing / raining so hopefully, he will be well prepared. With any luck, I’ll be able to go visit him again this year during my summer vacation. My daughters really enjoyed visiting there and making good use of the swimming pool.

More Accusations for Tom DeLay

April 07, 05 by kenrich

I have to admit, I don’t know too much about all these accusations about Republican Tom DeLay (Majority Leader). I just got done reading an article about ethics violations stemming from a Russia trip back in 1997 that was “supposedly” funded by a non-profit organization in Washington. It turns out that funding had been channeled from Russie through the non-profit to Mr. DeLay.

Further accusations say that money was giving to his wife and daughters. This is only allowed if the family memebers have provided services and the compensation is in-line with the going rate for the type of work they were doing.

I can see how you could argue the point either way. It’s hard for me to say who is right in this case. I have grown extremely distrustful of Replublicans after what George Bush has done and our new governor here in California – Arnold Schwarzenegger. To me, something just doesn’t smell right!

Converting Sites to New Apache Version

April 06, 05 by kenrich

Tonight I have been working feverishly converting a lot of our UNIX sites to run on apache 2.0 from apache 1.3. Not only that, I have also updated PHP and mysql, so I have to go through and test every single site to make sure it is working.

This post itself is a test of the new server. So far, everything is going pretty smoothly. This site seems to be running just a little bit faster than normal. I applaud the guys at Six Apart for creating such good blogging software, but on slower servers, it leaves a little bit to be desired.

I think the update to a recent version of fedora core has also helped to improve performance. Well, I guess it’s time for me to get back to work. I promise more blogging entries in the near future.