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Using CDO to Build a Mailing List

June 07, 05 by kenrich

Last night I figured out to use CDO in Active Server Pages to use a remote server to send out e-mail through. This allows us to build web applications on a dedicated web server and send out mail through our “trusted” mail server.

This is most useful for mail servers like “AOL” which only allow mail from SMTP servers which have a “reverse DNS” setup. If you don’t use a trusted SMTP server, AOL will reject all of the mail that you send to it. This is a known security measure that AOL has had in place for many years.

On a positive note, I did make some improvements to our mailing list application. We can now send multi-part e-mails containing both an HTML and text message. Depending on the mail reader that the client uses, the proper format will be shown to the user. This should go a long ways towards creating and maintaining powerful e-mail campaigns.

Feeling a Bit of Vertigo

June 02, 05 by kenrich

Something hit me last night when I sat down to do some work at my computer. It was something like vertigo where your whole sense of equilibrium is thrown out of whack. It was definitely a weird sensation to say the least. It wasn’t painful at all, just very disorienting.

I will probably need to go see a doctor pretty soon. For now, I seem to be doing just fine. I wasn’t able to get any work done on the project last night, but I made up for it a little by doing some work this morning. The project is the reporting module that I mentioned in my previous post.

On a positive note, the countdown has begun – I only have about two more weeks until my vacation starts. I am looking forward to taking two weeks off for our family pilgrimage to Canada. I will be spending time at my Dad’s house which is right on the lake. Our family enjoys going up there because our kids love to go swimming in the pool and there are lots of fresh cherries to eat.

Database Reporting Module

June 01, 05 by kenrich

Currently, I’m in the process of writing a reporting module for the Orvado Intranet. When designing the project, I did my best to try and keep things simple so development time would be short, but as these things tend to do, it ended up taking a lot longer than I thought.

The good thing is that it will be flexible enough to handle many different types of reports. Basically, a report is based on a series of SQL (database) statements that generate recordsets. These recordsets can be manipulated using a report template which will convert the data into a nice friendly human-readble format like HTML.

Most of the work has been creating a library to parse the macros in the report template. I’ve just about got a handle on it, but it still needs a little bit more work before I begin testing. The good news is: once that I’m done, I’ll have a nice framework for supporting macro substitution using template files which I can apply to lots of other projects.