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Oh Yeah E-bay – PayPal Sucks It Hard

July 18, 05 by kenrich

While I’m on a rant here – I would like to also point out how awfully ass-backwards the PayPal site is. When trying to find information on how to refuse or cancel payments, the help system is woefully inadequate.

For starters, the search refuses to show any meaningful results. Even with a simple one-work search such as “refuse”, the help search comes back with the assinine response: “I’m sorry, there was an error during your search, please try again later.” What the hell am I supposed to think when I see that??? Does this mean that their site is a pile of stinking monkey doo and can’t even determine what type of error occurred. Or should I just infer that their site can’t even perform a simple keyword search.

Since E-bay purchased PayPal a while ago, it doesn’t surprise me that their site is so “FUBARed.” It’s just another sign that we need to get off of E-bay and get with something better.

E-bay Has Totally Lost Touch

July 18, 05 by kenrich

What is it with E-bay and their fascist regime. Won’t they ever realize that they are hurting themselves by not providing sellers with the tools they need to manage their auction effectively? I won’t go into the specifics here, but I am trying to do a very basic function with my auctions and everywhere I look there is no help, no support and no documentation.

It’s not like I’m asking E-bay to move mountains here. I just want to do one simple task. The developers at E-bay must have their heads so far up their collective asses that they have totally lost touch with the people who have helped make them a success. Next time I am just going to sell my items on Craig’s List.