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Let’s All Welcome the Launch of Google Base

February 27, 06 by kenrich

Today, Google is allowing people to sell items on Google Base. This is a great threat to the long monopoly that E-bay has had over the years. While it’s true they don’t allow you to sell items at auction, the marketshare of Google ensures that any items posted there will reach a lot of eyeballs. This should make it much less painful to sell items without having to deal with all of the fees and charges that Google has.

With any luck, their new payment system will eliminate the exorbitent “final-value” fee that takes a cut of your sales. I am ecstatic to see Google take the lead in this. Our government and big corporations have been waging a war against consumers in America. Their profits are staggering and they needn’t be so. The same services can be offered by other companies for a small fraction of the cost we’re paying now.

It’s up to the consumers of America to respond: “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!” Hopefully, Google will expand their services to allow sellers to run auctions instead of just classified ads. Kudos to Google for giving consumers another choice. Let’s just hope they adhere to their motto: “Do no evil”.

Not Feeling Too Swift Today

February 25, 06 by kenrich

I managed to get through most of the cold season without getting sick, but about 5 days ago I came down with a nasty cold from my Kids. Actually, my whole family has gotten sick with this with the exception of my Dad. It has been pretty rought the past couple of days but I suppose that I can’t complain much. This is the first time I’ve really been sick this season.

The good news is that my kids have gotten over this cold and are doing well. Tonight they will be able to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa. This is one of their favorite things to do. Grandma and Grandpa are very good to them.

I have a lot of work to do with Orvado so I will definitely be busy tonight. I’m really looking forward to getting all of the client maintenance done so I can move on to other big projects I have in the works. Later today I will be taking hte kids out to lunch with my parents. I’ll have to take some cold medicine just before I go out. It looks to be a great day here in sunny San Diego.

A Day at the (Legoland) Park

February 21, 06 by kenrich

Took the family to Legoland yesterday and enjoyed a fun day at the park. The weather was quite chilly so it was a good thing we all brought our sweaters. My parents joined us at the park which was really nice because it was the first time they went to a theme park with us and the kids.

It was too bad that it was so crowded because we only had time to go on 5 rides or so before it was time to leave. This, despite the fact that we were there at the park for over 6 hours. They closed down the “Knight’s Tournament” ride which is their newest ride. It’s probably for the better, since it would probably have just made me puke.

We didn’t know if we would be going to Legoland yesterday because our girls have been kind of sick recently. It was a good thing we did go though, because they thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back again. It sure was nice to have a 3-day holiday weekend and spend some time off with the family. I hope to enjoy some real vacation time in the near future.

Let’s Stick it to the Man

February 15, 06 by kenrich

It’s sickening to see how the government spends money like it’s water, and ocean water at that. We see the same thing with big corporations whose entire business revolves around the bottom line. It’s time for Americans to take a stand. As more jobs are moving overseas and incomes are dropping all around our great land, it’s time for us to take a stand.

As part of my contribution, I am working towards a new Internet service that will seek to take the place of a much larger paid service. As you can tell, I don’t want to reveal what exactly this is, but I guarantee, it will be a welcome relief to most Americans. Just another way for me to “stick it to the man!”

It is in our best interest to help each other out during these difficult times. It’s obvious the government has no interest in lending a hand. This is evident when looking at the debacle of hurricane Katrina. We’re more likely to be like the poor attorney who was behind Dick Cheney at their hunting excursion. Many Americans are taught that greed and materialism is good – but we have to temper those ambitions with moderation. Otherwise, we are no better than a pack of wild jackals. Stay tuned to this blog for an announcement about our new free internet service.

Your Personal Time is Just That

February 14, 06 by kenrich

A friend of mine has been instructed by his employer that he could not do any work on the side (moonlighting) that is deemed to be a conflict of interest. The company he worked for, previously, did not have a problem with this. When his company got bought out by a much larger company, the rules of his employment changed.

It seems like this is common problem in American society today. Corporations and big business are trying to maintain too much control over our private lives. Do you remember a time when America was proud of their pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit? America was founded by people who recogized the shortcomings of being ruled by the British empire and sought ways to improve upon their situation. It seems like more and more, we are starting to move away from that.

You can see this everyday as pension benefits disappear and the government is helping to break up labor unions. Companies are gradually trying to take back the power that rightfully belongs to the people. Don’t take your freedoms for granted. Protect your freedoms and rights as citizens of the United States and don’t let big business dictate every aspect of your life.

2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy

February 13, 06 by kenrich

The 2006 Winter Olympics are well underway in Turin, Italy. On Friday I watched the opening ceremonies to see how Italy did in putting together the show. It was a decent show although there was certainly room for criticism there. Some of the costumes are simple and they seemed to use large groups of actors for a lot of their shows. I thought the Formula 1 Ferrarri was a little inappropriate, but I can understand how Italy wants to showcase their achievements in that area.

My wife believes there are entire countries that don’t care at all about the Winter Olympics. For instance, she thinks that the continents of Africa and South America probably have no interest in these games. I can understand this, because a lot of people have many problems and more don’t even have a Television or a newspaper to read about the events unfolding.

I’m sure once the games are over, everyone will remark on how successful the Olympics were and how gracious a host Italy has been. I think they deserve a lot of credit for this. In the true spirit of the Olympics, I hope it helps people the world over realize that we are all sharing the same planet and it’s in our best interest to take care of one another.

My Desktop PC is Back Up and Running

February 10, 06 by kenrich

I’ve had a heckuva time the last couple of weeks trying to get a new computer built. My desktop PC died on me – but not completely. It was shutting down after 15 minutes of use due to a thermal event. My first thought was that the CPU had a problem. I bought a new CPU and put it into my computer and booted it up. It ran fine for about 15 minutes and then had the same problem.

I was wondering what else could be the problem. Could it be the heatsink I was using (it was a standard Dell heatsink) or maybe the CPU fan? This was a possibility. I had read about many problems the Dell 400sc had with it’s motherboard. Specifically, it’s capacitors were notorious for degrading and even splitting open.

So after about two weeks, I decided to buy a brand new Dell motherboard to use as a replacement. I also ordered another CPU because I was concerned that had been damaged too. After a quick 10 minute swap (Dell tower servers are beautifully engineered and upgrades / maintenance is a breeze), the computer worked good as new. I’m so happy to have my computer back again – now I just have to catch up on the tons of e-mail I received during that time.

Blood Donation Today

February 10, 06 by kenrich

So I went to donate blood today because my company had the bloodmobile stop by our work. I guess I fent a little guilty because the American Red Cross kept calling me and asking me to come in to donate blood. Unfortunately, this was the San Diego Blood Bank so I will still get at least one more call. At least this time I can tell them that I already donated blood.

Since there’s a limit on the number of times you can donate blood. I will not be able to donate again until April 17th. This means you need to wait about 10 weeks before you can donate again. This is only the second time I ever donated blood so I’m really new to all this stuff. I hope that someone makes good use of it.