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Nintendo Wii and PS3 Bundles Suck Eggs

December 19, 06 by kenrich

I’ve been following the craziness surrounding the sales of the two new video game consoles (the and the .) I know have other made this same comment but I want to stress how unfair the situation has become. I had been considering buying a console, but now I think I’ll wait another year.

Long gone are the days when you could pick up a console for $125 bucks and get a free game bundled. Actually, this is not entirely true because the Wii does come for $250 and it includes a bundled game. The one difference being that they bumped up the price to pay for the game instead of just selling it for $200. In light of the shortages, I guess this is a good business decision.

I’m sick of all of these Customer’s Choice or Gamer’s Choice bundles that everyone seems to be offering. The only way to get a console is to shell out $800 for a Wii or $1100 for a PS3. I doubt that either of these would be chosen by the average customer or a gamer. It is just another way greedy corporations are trying to take advantage of the consumer. If you really want a game system for the holidays, why not buy yourself a Nintendo DS or a playstation 2 to hold yourself over until supplies are plentiful and these ridiculous bundles are shunned into non-existance.

I’ve become so frustrated with the situation, I’ve decided to wait another 6 months. By then, at least we’ll know which system is really going to dominate the marketplace. By then we should see a major price drop in current generation systems (especially true for the XBox 360). Also, it will benefit the consumer greatly to know which system is going to serve their customers better and provide the most compelling features. So far, the odds look to be in favor of the Nintendo Wii (very few hardware issues and the most bang for the dollar).