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Tragic Errors by President Bush in Iraq

January 12, 07 by kenrich

As Iraq is quickly sliding deeper and deeper into chaos, President Bush has made no substantial effort to listen to his military advisers, congress or the American people. Iraq has already shown a reluctance to fulfill its obligations in policing itself. It barely polices its capitol city, Baghdad, much less the entire country. It’s as if Iraq is milking the United States for everything its got, much like the terrorists are trying to bring our great country to economic ruin. It’s the same tactic the Taliban used in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. As the war nears the 4 year mark it is time to reflect and take stock of the situation. Over 3000 U.S. soldiers killed, plus many more wounded. More than 25,000 innocent Iraqi civilians killed. The escalation of troops proposed by President Bush has already been tried twice before. It’s a flawed policy that is doomed to fail. The Bush Administration needs to heed the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group and begin the real task of healing Iraq. His misguided notion of bringing democracy and freedom to the Middle East are largely meaningless in the Arab world. You might as well ask them to change their religion.

I’ve submitted my opinion to my local newspaper. It is imperative that the American people take action. Please take the time to convey your opinion to your local media, your local congressmen and all of your friends and family. I don’t want to see my children grow up in world bogged down in World War III. Our country has long been a moral standard for the rest of the world to follow. Thanks to our current administration, it has become the laughing stock of the entire world.