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Star Rating AJAX Control

February 23, 08 by kenrich

Javascript Star Rating ControlRecently, I implemented a star rating system on one of my websites. The system uses CSS and simple javascript code to create a dynamic rating control. When the user rolls over the gray stars with their mouse, the starts light up in a gold color. For those of you who have seen these before, they are very simply to use and surprisingly easy to implement.

I added a rating system to my San Diego Business Directory so that users could add reviews of companies in the San Diego area. It works like a charm to enter ratings for businesses. I was able to add my own embellishments to the script that allows users to reset the control after the user has locked in their rating. This way users can make a number of changes in the process of editing the review before making the final submission.

You can test and download the star rating script at ReignWater Designs. It is very simple to add to your website and modify to suit your needs.