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Using Google Voice to Make Phone Calls

September 15, 10 by admin

Recently, I’ve been using the Google Voice product to place free phone calls within the United States and Canada to a land-based phone from your computer. I have been very impressed with the quality of the service and the convenience of making phone calls right from your computer.  Using a headset, I can easily talk to someone while working on my computer.  The voices sound so clear it seems to even rival my land-based phone.

Google has said that calls will be free to U.S. and Canada until the end of this year.  I hope that they decide to keep it free a while longer so I can continue enjoying their service.  It is also great for international calls.  Other popular countries like the U.K., Mexico, France and China only cost $0.02 per minute which I consider very reasonable.  Google seems to give you a $0.10 credit the first time you use their service.  So go out there and try it out!