A Day at the (Legoland) Park

February 21, 06 by kenrich

Took the family to Legoland yesterday and enjoyed a fun day at the park. The weather was quite chilly so it was a good thing we all brought our sweaters. My parents joined us at the park which was really nice because it was the first time they went to a theme park with us and the kids.

It was too bad that it was so crowded because we only had time to go on 5 rides or so before it was time to leave. This, despite the fact that we were there at the park for over 6 hours. They closed down the “Knight’s Tournament” ride which is their newest ride. It’s probably for the better, since it would probably have just made me puke.

We didn’t know if we would be going to Legoland yesterday because our girls have been kind of sick recently. It was a good thing we did go though, because they thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back again. It sure was nice to have a 3-day holiday weekend and spend some time off with the family. I hope to enjoy some real vacation time in the near future.

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