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February 28, 05 by kenrich

Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve made a blog entry. I’ve been relaxing more than often lately. This weekend I went out to eat with my parents again. I can finally say that everyone in my family has gotten over the flu bug or whatever it is. My girls spent the night at my parents night last night (which is the first time in a few weeks).

I watched the oscars last night and everything went pretty much as predicted. The one unknown was who was going to win best picture. My wife thougth “The Aviator” would win (but she hasn’t even seen the movie yet.) She had me convinced so I was a little surprised to see that “Million Dollar Baby” won.

After the flick I watched the movie “Collateral Damage” which was airing on TV. I would rate it a pretty good movie and worth seeing if you can see it for free. I’m really behind on the movies I have seen – I am going to try to start taping more shows off of TV and watching them when time affords. And by taping, I mean recording with my Replay TV – definitely worth the money to invest in a DVR and Replay TV skips commercials automatically so you don’t even have to hit a button on your remote.

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