American Values are Under Attack

November 06, 06 by kenrich

The mid-term are just one more day away. I want to encourage everyone to get out and vote. It is your civic duty and responsibility. We as a country can not progress unless we participate in our democracy and make positive changes in our federal government.

I personally feel we are getting bogged down in a . This is much less a war than an occupation. The enemy only exists because of our occupation. If we didn’t maintain a presence in Iraq, then there wouldn’t be any “war” to speak of. It’s time to get the train back on track and make positive strides in Iraq.

George Bush’s idea of taking the war to the enemy is a false one. This war was fabricated and manufactured by the Republican administration. It was started to help out the people who helped get Bush into power. The first goal was to ensure a stable supply of oil to the oil industries in the United States. An added benefit was the defense and civil engineering contracts which were doled out to Bush’s friends.

Lastly, I think this war was designed to distract from major changes the Bush administration has made to income taxes, health care (medicare) and social security, student loans and immigration. By sowing fear into the hearts of our citizens, Bush has attempted to energize this country into shifting more power to the executive and shift fortunes from the middle class to the super rich (ie: large corporations and big government).

Remember what this administration has done for you. Remember Hurricane Katrina. Remember the inadequate armor and supplies for our troops. Remember privatizing social security. Remember Osama Bin Laden (oh yeah, we didn’t forget about him). Remember Abu Gharaib. Remember Harriet Miers (supreme court nominee). Remember Scott Abramhoff, Robert Frist, Bob Ney, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick (shooting accident) Cheney, Karl Rove and Scott Foley. Remember all of the concessions Republicans have made in the Congress and Senate (there have been NONE). Remember how they manipulated the elections by phone jamming schemes, disenfranchising African-American voters and Katherine Harris forcing a recount in Florida.

Lastly, remember the paltry $500 tax relieve Bush gave us and remember the tax windfall that billionaire CEOs (all Republicans received). Wages have remained flat while inflation has increased our cost-of-living. The national surplus has been turned into a massive national deficit has exploded and is now at 8.6 trillion dollars. Let me write this out to make this clear: $8,604,232,678,606. With the current population of the United States at 300 million, this means that each citizens share of this debt (which will have to be paid back) is a staggering $28,665!

If you disagree with what I’ve said then be all means get out and vote. Even if you agree with what I’ve said, it’s imperative that you get out and vote. In the past two major elections, people have voted for moral values and family security. Sadly, the way the vote turned has been detrimental to both of these essential values. Now is the time for you to correct our country and live up to the ideals of our founding fathers. Protect our constitution and restore dignity to American values.

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