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August 31, 04 by kenrich

I have just opened up a brand new script archive for ASP Nut that will allow users to find useful code for Active Server Pages. In one day, I built the administration and the front-end and although it is not complete, it does have the following features:

  • title, meta keywords and meta description
  • Syntax highlighting for ASP code
  • Dynamic categories allowing one script to be placed in 1 or multiple categories
  • Author information coming from an admin
    user or site member

At some point in the future I will be adding a search facility to make locating scripts easier and also a way for site members to submit code samples. This is not too high a priority since I haven’t received any contributions to the site to date.

I will gradually be adding scripts to this repository with the goal of providing a valuable resource to the ASP development community. If you would like to check it out, you can go to ASP Nut Scripts now to view the script archive.

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