ASP to PHP Script Conversion

March 01, 05 by kenrich

I’ve been plugging away getting my Intranet code ported to PHP. Currently, I have most of the COM objects and script libraries completed. Also, I have mastered some of the inconsistencies between the way PHP and ASP work.

For example, I was suprised to learn that PHP doesn’t have “application-scoped” variables that persist across the entire site (for all users.) I was able to find an informative article through Google that explained how to accomplish this using the shared memory module that is available for PHP.

So I think I finally have all of the major hurdles cleared. It should just be a simple matter of converting all of the scripts. I’ve made some improvements to my “ASP-To-PHP” conversion tool which will speed up the work. I’ve still got a long way to go to make this tool very powerful. My business partner believes this would be some software we could sell for a profit. If there’s one thing we could use right now, it would be profits!

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