Brainstorming for New Website Ideas

September 06, 06 by kenrich

Whilst coming up with new business ideas, I often ask myself “What is the most useful tools I’ve found on the web?”. Often, my thoughts turn to things like the Google search engine, the Internet Movie Database or just a reference site such as ASP Nut which contains a quick reference along with some useful articles.

Over the years I’ve found that it’s these sites that tend to attract the most amount of traffic. I’ve become interested in generating more traffic since I’ve started a new campaign with AdSense to sell advertising on my sites.

When my company was originally founded, I used to have a very simple site which would allow a visitor to see his or her IP address as it appeared to the outside world. While this may seen basic to most people who are even somewhat technically inclined, it can be a real chore to the novice computer user. So we just built a single page site where visitors could view their IP on the home page of the site. This site quickly became one of our most popular sites. The irony was that the site only took a couple of hours to build.

So now I find myself in a similar position. I am looking for some useful sites that I can create which will add some real value to the Internet. In doing so, it should prove to be a popular site which receives a lot of visitors. I will be brainstorming for ideas over the next few days. Should you have any ideas you would like to contribute, feel free to add a comment here!

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