Brokerage Account Suspension Fun

May 11, 05 by kenrich

My brokerage account has just been suspended by my stupid investment company. The reason for this they cited was “Day Trading”. This is rediculous since I placed the order the day before to buy and then a sell on the next day. It’s their own stupid fault that their buy order didn’t go through on the right day.

Managing your own investments can be really frustring. I’ve pretty much had it with my current investment company. I will be switching to a better online brokerage immediately. Especially since my current one has slapped a 90 day restriction on my account preventing me from placing any orders at all.

They say that this is due to government restrictions. I think it’s all a big load of crap. This is a good warning to others: be careful to read the terms and conditions for your investment account – you don’t want to be left out in the cold like I am now.

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