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How to Setup Android Studio on Debian 7

May 16, 13 by kenrich

Android-logoLast night I installed Android Studio on Debian 7.  I use the term “install” loosely since you really don’t perform an install, you just extract the files to a folder and then run it.  After creating a project skeleton, I noticed an error when trying to run the project.  The system mentions that ADB is unable to run (well it really says it’s unavailable).  After performing some searches on Google(tm), I noticed that this was due to my having the AMD64 architecture and the ADB requires i386 references which didn’t exist on my system.

The solution was to install the i32-libs package using Apt to make all of this work.  Of course, it wasn’t as simple as this.  I had to first add the i386 (intel 386) architecture as an alternate platform to support using “sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386”.  Even that was not enough.  I had added some additional repositories to /etc/apt/sources.list that needed to be removed, then I had to  run “apt-get update” and then finally “apt-get install i32-libs”.  Finally, my system was ready and ADB ran properly (you can test this by running “./adb version” in the platform-tools folder.

So now my skeleton builds and runs using the virtual devices.  I believe the install took about a gigabyte of space, but that’s okay.  Oh, I should also mention that Android Studio recommends using the Oracle (Sun) Java runtime and tools since there are known bugs with the openjdk that comes installed default with Debian 7.  You have to add a third-party repository (from Canonical, makers of Ubuntu Linux) to your sources.list in order to get this installed (Google on how to do this).   With these two steps I was up and running and ready to develop Android applications.