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Back in the Saddle Again

March 17, 10 by kenrich

Aerosmith - Back in the Saddle Again

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone, hope that you are having a good one.  Today, my company is having a party.  Today is also the day I return to bloggins on this site.  In case you haven’t noticed, I have been away for quite some time.  During that time, I’ve been busy running my Hosting and Web Development company.  I have a lot of stories that I will be sharing with you here on this blog.

Another part of my return to writing will be authoring various articles which will be beneficial to both business owners and budding entrepreneurs alike.  Hopefully, my 10 years of experience in running my own technology company will help others to get started quickly and be more effective once they do start.

Our company today is providing us with a catered lunch from a local greek restauarant named Pat and Oscar’s.  It will be nice to have a free lunch from my company.  Hope that everyone out there has a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Welcome to Our New Blog

October 18, 07 by kenrich

Wordpress LogoI decided to move my blog to a new software. I switched from Movable Type to WordPress which seems to be the most popular browser these days. Maybe I’ll get back into writing more articles on the site. Recently, I’ve been pretty busy and just letting the whole blogging thing slide. I don’t have a large readership after all. This re-designed blog also represents a change in hosting to a load-balanced host with an enterprise-quality database back end.

Since I do need to keep on top of things, I really should be familiar with the most popular blogging platform. At least it is the most popular if you are going to host your blog yourself and not pay for a service like bloggger.com. Plus,

Another benefit is that this type of blog (with the theme I have installed) should make the entries much more readable. By that I mean the size of the text and the whitespace to format the articles is easier on the eyes. It may be rather boring to look at, but if you are a technical person like myself, you won’t really care too much for the frills and cutting-edge design.

SiteMeter Web Stats is Too Funky

May 19, 06 by kenrich

Today I compared the web stats for this blog (provided by my hosting provider) with the stats reported by SiteMeter. My SiteMeter stats were pathetically low. So low, it doesn’t even take into account people who may have stumbled across my blog just by entering a typo into their browser. For a while, I actually beleived that these stats were accurate which a large part of the reason why I haven’t been posting much on the blog recently.

My web hosting stats show nearly 100 times the amount of activity that SiteMeter does. Maybe it’s just me, and I installed SiteMeter incorrectly on this site. Otherwise, I wonder if their product actually works. I am going to remove the SiteMeter link from my blog for now. I will probably switch to Google Analytics to give me better reporting of my site visitors.

For anyone that hasn’t tried Google Analytics, it is a good offering. It provides you web stats as well as help you find marketting terms that will help to bring visitors to your site. Last I checked, they had a waiting list to receive an account with them. I signed up for an account and it took maybe one or two months before I received my account. It’s definitely a valuable resource if you are serious about advertising and marketing.

SiteMeter and Blogging Topics

March 09, 06 by kenrich

I recently added to this blog to track how many visitors are coming here. I’m sure it’s not all that much because I really don’t do any advertising for this blog. It was such a pain to go through my hosting account in order to view my blog statistics so I rarely every did it. Plus, I have been really busy recently so I haven’t had much time to checkup on this site.

I was previously using to generate traffic for this site. This is a good way to exchange traffic with other bloggers around the world without paying any money out of your pocket. It’s been quite a while since I have used that so perhaps I will start using that again. I will also make an effort to do more tagging in my posts like you can see on this one. Technorati offers an excellent system for tracking tags in blogs.

In the future, I will try to focus more on the web development and programming issues that I intended this blog to discuss. Don’t expect to see much discussion about Java, .NET or Ruby here. Most of the discussion will revolve around PHP, Active Server Pages, Javascript, SQL Server and MySQL. Other topics will include general programming practices and algorithms.

Too Busy to Blog

November 03, 05 by kenrich

I’ve noticed that some people find the time to blog 5 or 6 times each day on their blogs. You’ve probably noticed that my blogging activity has dropped off significantly. Between work and married life, it’s really hard to find time to write pieces.

Lately, I’ve been busy trying to repair a car of mine. At the same time, I’ve been looking for a new hosting provider for my business and working on a few client Web sites. I’ve also been working on transferring some of our Unix sites to our reseller account. Also, I’ve been working on a new platform for our hosted clients (written in PHP / MySQL). Another thing I just completed was a translation of our entire Intranet to MySQL (from SQL Server).

Yeah, you could say that I’ve been a little busy lately. Last night I voted in the California Special Election. I wasn’t very impressed with most of the propositions. Hopefully, someone will begin an initiative to recall Governor Swartzeneggar.

New Blog Site Hosting

October 10, 05 by kenrich

I have just migrated my blog to a new hosting. Hopefully, this server will be a lot more stable than the previous server. Oh wait, the previous server has never gone down. Oh well.

I have just updated the configuration of this Movable Type blog. It should allow me to post new entries now. If this works, I am going to bed for the night. Good night y’all!

“About Me” Profile Box Added to the Site

January 24, 05 by kenrich

Well as you can see from my site here, I have finally put up an “About Me” section with a photograph of myself. Also in the picture (sitting on my lap) are my two daughters. Because they are so damn cute, I had to do a little sepia tone to protect their identity. The world is not a safe place and I have to take every measure to safeguard my children.

This picture was taken about two years ago but I haven’t changed any. My daughters have grown up quite a bit but they are both still cute-as-a-button. Our oldest is going to be starting kindergarten this year. It’s amazing how the years go by so fast.

My oldest daughter has come down with this abominable cold that I had the past few days. I really wish she wouldn’t have caught this cold because it just makes you miserable for at least a couple of days. At least, I can be consoled in the fact that my wife is home taking good care of her.

So now you have a little insight as to who publishes this blog. With my full-time job and running my own business, I don’t have any time for pets or hobbies. I’ve given up video games and other fun stuff a long time ago. Thanks to everyone on Blog Explosion for the excellent blogs. I enjoy reading them in my free time.

Technorati Content Tag Linkage

January 18, 05 by kenrich

Well I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagen and start tagging entries on my blog. I downloaded the Technorati plugin for and modified my entry template. For those who aren’t aware of this, Technorati provides a common place where you can view blog entries and photographs that are tagged with the same keywords. It is kind of a search engine where the content must be actively linked to Technorati.

In essence, they are really making all of the content authors do the work of indexing their work and placing it on Technorati. This can be considered another form of the DMOZ (the web directory edited by humans.) When you click on a link from a tag, you are taken to the Technocrati Web site where you will see a list of content that references the same tag.

This is useful because you can see when others people are writing about the same topics as you. As another searchable resource, it is like getting an instant search result listing without having to wait for a spider to crawl your site. Of course, that depends on how often Technorati updates their pages. Yet another way we can all help to share useless information via our blogs!

Orvado Blog Hosting Promotion – $5 per Month

January 14, 05 by kenrich

Yes, I am now officially an advertising whore. Like many other blogs I have read through on Blog Explosion, I have placed a rather large advertisement at the top of my page. This is to help promote my web hosting services through Orvado Technologies.

If you care to learn more about the special blog hosting deal I have put together, please click on the banner ad above. I would also appreciate it if you could leave some comments here about the package I am offering and whether or not you have any suggestions that might help improve it.

A lot of hosting companies are doing blog hosting right now and I thought I would toss my hat into the ring. We have a lot of experience in hosting and can setup a professional blog site within 24 hours. If your blog is hosted and not provide by a service (such as blogger), I would love to hear how you like your service and what are the pros and cons of your hosting package. Thanks!

Welcome Blog Explosion! – My Only Traffic Source

December 24, 04 by kenrich

Welcome, Blog Explosion members… this site is a brand new site that I have put together to host my blog. Along with this I have purchased this new domain name for my blog. I agree that it is a pretty generic domain name, but at least it is easy-to-remember and easy-to-type.

Right now the only traffic I am getting is from the good folks at Blog Explosion. Besides submitting my site to the search engines, I plan on doing some other marketing for my blog. It feels kind of weird doing marketing for a blog since you aren’t really making money off of it. I know that for some people, it’s nice to know that you have the traffic, so you could start making money off of your blog by selling advertising.

I am also considering posting “less technical” blog entires in here. If only because targetting web developers and programmers is too narrow of a group and isn’t well-suited to building an interesting blog. Also, I will try posting a personal bio of myself so you can understand a little more about my background.