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Help, I’m in Stylesheet Hell

December 22, 04 by kenrich

I now have a great deal of respect for anybody that builds a site where the layout is controlled entirely by CSS. That’s what I have attempted to do for this blog and so far it has been anything but easy. I may just through everything out the window and just go with HTML tables.

The problem is that every browser supports and implements CSS differently. In order to make the site look consistant across multiple browsers, you have to create “hacks” in the CSS definition file. This is largely the fault of the companies that develop web browsers. Even though there may be similar issues with HTML tables, I’m sure it’s a lot less of a problem than CSS because the standards have been established a long time ago and more of the bugs have been worked out.

So my next task in developing the site templates for this blog will be to do away with all of the “layout-specific” css and convert that into tables. I hope to have most of the site converted to the new look within the next week. I’ll keep you posted of course.

The Big Blog Switch

December 20, 04 by kenrich

As you can see, I have recently imported my blog entries from Blogger into this (my new blog). The process went pretty well and I got all my blog posts in here. That should be the last time that I move my blog for a long while. I might buy a new domain name for this blog but the physical location will not change anytime soon.

I need to get a site design done on this blog. Right now it is just showing the standard Moveable Type template which is basically a boring blue square. I need to get a hang of the template system and then decide on a design I want to use.

Next step after that will be to submit this blog site to the search engines. I thought having my blog on blogger.com which was just bought by Google would help my blog get listed faster. Months later, it still hasn’t shown up on their index. Because of this and the fact that I want to have more control over the code that runs the blog by using an open-source solution, I switched to Moveable Type.

Welcome to My New Blog

December 19, 04 by kenrich

I previously had a blog posted on blogger.com which I have had running for the past couple of months or so. However, I wanted more control over my blog space and I couldn’t get that by using a “pre-packaged” blog-hosting service. I needed to look for a new solution.

So I decided to host my own blog using our own servers. I work for a very small web design and hosting company called Orvado Technologies that builds and develops dynamic web sites. Actually, I don’t just work for them, I am an owner and partner in the company.

In this blog I will relate my many experiences developing code for our web hosting company and developing products that will help launch our company to the next level of profitability. You may also find some of my personal experiences posted here.

This blog is run on a Unix server that is running Movable Type web log software. So far I am very pleased with it but at this point I have barely scratched the surface. This should be the permanent home for my web log for some time to come. That is, unless I decide to buy a second-level domain name for this site… Stay Tuned!

Guess Who’s Back

December 07, 04 by kenrich

Heh, I bet you thought that I had died. Nope, sorry to disappoint you – I’m still alive and kicking. Haven’t felt like updating my blog for a while. Maybe I just wanted the previous story to stay up on top of my blog for a little bit longer. I was actually considering giving up this blog for one of my own.

The reason why is that it is much better to have complete control over your blogging software. Especially if you are a programmer such as myself who owns his own hosting business. By running my own blog software, I can add new features whenever I like, I can host paid advertisements here and I can get detailed web statistics about the traffic to my site and search engines.

Recently I have been really busy dealing with Linux configuration issues with our server. We are going to be migrating some of our applications to Linux in the very near future. It’s imperitive that we get everything switched over during the course of the upcoming new year. Our hosting contract will expire in about a year and we are thinking of going entirely Unix. There is a lot of work ahead of us (especially for me) so I’d
better get crackin!

How Safe is Blogging Under Your Real Name?

August 12, 04 by kenrich

I’m not too sure how much liberty I have to discuss what’s happening at my work. I guess I’ll just try to be vague about my company and it’s employees in my posts on here. There have been cases where a person has gotten fired over their blog postings. Maybe I should change my name or something. Having your real name on the blog just allows your managers to find you too easily.

I’ll change my name back when I am in a more hospitable environment. But for now, I’m afraid I have to disappear under a pseudonym so I can really dish out the dirt. So for the short while, those of you that knew me, prepare to meet the new Die Hard Programmer:

Updated: 12/22/2004
Nevermind, I have scrapped the pseudonym and the name of this blog.

First Pr0st!

August 11, 04 by kenrich

Don’t you just hate those foolios who exclaim “First Post” and attempt to post the first message post on a discussion forum? I mean, c’mon! Don’t you have anything better to do with your life than just post messages to a forum. I guess it is some kind of ego-trip or something to have your message appear first in a discussion forum.

Well I thought I would start off this blog by entering my “First Post” and introduce myself. I am a programmer by trade working in California for a smallish Internet service company. I am currently developing code in ASP (Active Server Pages) and SQL Server 2000. With this blog, I hope to introduce to you some of the daily “going on’s” and what it’s like to live the life of the Die Hard Programmer.

Some of you may not think I’m die hard because I don’t program “real”
applications in C++ or C# or what-have-you. But I tend to think that I’ve experienced a lot of the same issues in my web development programming that others have experienced doing traditional application development.

I’d like to say “Welcome to my Blog!” to all that are new here and … oh
yeah …

F1RS7 P057!!!