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Never Pay for Another Book Again

May 24, 13 by admin

In my life, I try to live frugally.  I am one of the people who refused to buy into the iPod craze and later the iPad.  I typically wait a few years before buying into new technologies.  I canceled my cable TV subscription a while back and switched to over-the-air TV broadcasts.  This is a growing trend in America due to the high costs of combining Internet and TV service (not to mention cellular service – I use pre-paid phones instead of subscriptions).

In this post I will share one of my favorite money-saving “secrets” on how to save money buying books.  Many people know that you can save money by buying e-books instead of the dead trees version.  I usually buy most of my e-books from Amazon and recently have been getting all of my books for free.  I bought a book one time for $2.99 just to try out the store several years ago.  I haven’t bought another e-book since but I have a great collection of books both classic and modern books, fiction and non-fiction.

ancient-tomeTo find really great deals on books and lots of other items, you need to use a deal aggregation site.  My favorite is DealAgg.  This site loads a list of deals from 12 of the most popular online shopping deal websites.  The list of deals is collapsed which makes searching the web page difficult.  You will need to expand each deal list by clicking on the More link at the bottom of each of the 12 lists.

If you have never searched a web page before, you do so by hitting Ctrl-F on your keyboard.  This opens a search box on the top or bottom of your browser window which allows you to enter keywords to search for items on your current web page.  Entering the search term will find the first matching item on the web page.   Use the next button to find the all subsequent matches on the page.

So now that you have opened the DealAgg web page, expanded all of the deal lists, and know how to search the web page, how do you find the free ebooks?  Simple, just hit Ctrl-F and enter the keyword ” ebook” in the search box without the quotes.  Please note there is a leading space in front of the term “ebook”.  This leading space will eliminate faulty matches to “notebook” which will appear in a lot of places.   You will want to find a item that reads something like “Amazon Kindle Top FREE eBooks at Amazon”.   When you follow this link, you will see links to books being offered for free on Amazon.  Sometimes these books are textbooks that normally sell for $40 or more.

Other searches you can do are for “nook” or “kindle”.  Using this method you can find some really great books absolutely free.  You can also use this site to find lots of other great deals.  Search for “refurb” or ” hot” or “blowout” or “free”.  This site is great for finding all sorts of deals.

The best thing about Kindle eBooks is that you don’t even have to own an Amazon branded reading device in order to read your books.   The Amazon Cloud Reader allows you to read your books on almost any device you have.  They have a Windows 8 app which I personally love.  All the books you own are stored in the cloud for free which makes them available wherever you are.

Of course this method works best if you are not picky about which titles you want to read next.  If you collect books for a while as I have, you will always have a wide selection to pick and choose from.  My library only has 65 books so far but since I’m not a voracious reader, this is just fine for me.   My library is growing at a rate of about 4 books per week thanks to free eBook downloads found at Amazon.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the thousands of free out-of-copyright books you can download from Project Gutenberg.  They provide high quality books in eReader formats such as mobi) which can be transferred to your favorite reading device.  Free software such as Calibre can be used to convert the book file into Amazon’s preferred format and then load it onto your device.  This requires a little bit of technical know how so you might need your son or daughter to do this for you.

I hope these tips help you to stay frugal and spend more time (not money) enjoying life!

Consumers Revolt

December 19, 05 by kenrich

This article indicates that companies who fail to keep their customer’s information private are being punished by their consumers. Nearly 20% of customers cancel their account immediately after hearing about a company’s failure.

Estimates are that the bigger companies lose as much as $15 million dollars for each infraction due to consumer revolt. This is one of the few ways consumers can take action against big companies. Thus, we see it is important for consumers to protect their privacy. It is in all of our best interests to only deal with companies that run a respectable and honest business.

Brokerage Account Suspension Fun

May 11, 05 by kenrich

My brokerage account has just been suspended by my stupid investment company. The reason for this they cited was “Day Trading”. This is rediculous since I placed the order the day before to buy and then a sell on the next day. It’s their own stupid fault that their buy order didn’t go through on the right day.

Managing your own investments can be really frustring. I’ve pretty much had it with my current investment company. I will be switching to a better online brokerage immediately. Especially since my current one has slapped a 90 day restriction on my account preventing me from placing any orders at all.

They say that this is due to government restrictions. I think it’s all a big load of crap. This is a good warning to others: be careful to read the terms and conditions for your investment account – you don’t want to be left out in the cold like I am now.