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San Diego Fire Storm 2007

October 23, 07 by kenrich

As you probably know, yesterday was one of the worst days for the San Diego firestorm. Our area was evacuated in the afternoon as a precaution. The fire has burned more than 130,000 acres and more than 1000 homes have burned down in the San Diego area alone. Our house was not affected since we were lucky and not in the path of danger.

My parents who live in Poway were nearly hit by the Witch fire which went through Poway. The firefighters did an excellent job of controlling the fire (as much they could due to the Santa Ana conditions we have here.) I’m looking forward to all of the fires being out soon. I hope this is the last of the big fires. Like most of the other areas of the country, San Diego has been experiencing a drought. We sure could use some rain in this area.

I’m looking forward to things getting back to normal. I should be going back to work tomorrow (barring any drastic change in the fire.) I need to catch up on a few projects that I left unfinished.

Gotta Love the San Diego Chargers

January 08, 05 by kenrich

Tonight, our San Diego Chargers are playing the New York Jets in the AFC Wildcard game. I’m not that big of a football fan but the Chargers don’t make it to the playoffs that often. So tonight I’m watching the football game on TV and hoping that they can win this game.

It is just now the start of the third quarter and the game is tied 7-7. We have had quite a bit of rain down here so both teams have to play on a wet field. The rain is pretty light tonight so conditions are pretty good for playing.

I don’t have too much time to watch sports anymore, so it will be very rare that you will see me blog about sports. I am more of a hockey fan myself. I guess you can attribute that to my Canadian heritage. But if the Chargers do well tonight, you can be sure that I’ll be rooting them on through the rest of the season. Go Chargers!

Who Says “It Never Rains in So. Cal?”

December 29, 04 by kenrich

It has been raining cats and dogs down here in San Diego. We got two inches of rain today preceded by one inch of rain yesterday. Near the end of the rain, we got some very windy conditions which managed to blow down a lot of things. On my way to work this morning, I saw no less than 7 trees which had been blown over and were laying in the road.

I guess there was some flooding in parts of San Diego, but I live on pretty high ground so I don’t really have anything to worry about. The only thing I have to be careful about is my drive to work in the morning.

Friday is a holiday for me at work. Today was my last chance to take my last remaining sick day. But I decided to give it up because I had a lot of work to take care of today. I have a lot more ASP programming work to do before my task is finished though.