Christmas Holiday is Over for Me

December 28, 05 by kenrich

I hope that everybody had a wonderful Christmas holiday. I had a nice 5-day holiday break although I had to use two of my vacation days to do so. A lot of companies gave their employees an entire week off for Christmas, but our company thought only one day was necessary.

Based on the traffic I see coming into and leaving work, it appears that at least half of the businesses in my area are taking an entire week off. Perhaps they are in a different line of business where being there week-in and week-out is not so important. We have a ton of work here and it is good to think that I have some job security here.

I received a lot of nice gifts from my family this Christmas and so did my two little girls. But more important than that, it was just really nice to be together as a family and spend some quality time together. I hope that you and your family did the same.

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