Code Launch Hell

December 13, 05 by kenrich

Something that really irritates me about my current work environement is that our senior developer has a nasty habit of launching an entire site and causing massive problems on our production server. Because our code is constantly evolving, we should be launching changes as we go along.

Recently, management made the decision to create multiple versions of the software much like a boxed software product would be done. Each version can be developed in parallel. However, we have blurred the lines and don’t really have rigid definitions of what constitutes version 1.0 and what belongs in 2.0. Often times, code is copied into an older or newer version when it doesn’t really belong there.

This morning when I arrived at work, I noticed a lot of changes had been made to our web application. Lots of the pages just didn’t work and produced errors when I tried to load the page. Most of these errors were due to changes in a new version of our software. They were mostly bad arguments to stored procedures or unexpected results from procedures. I just wish the senior developer would take the time to check some of the code that gets launched. I would also like to see major code launches be done late at night when the site receives less traffic and customers and clients are less-likely to see how screwed up the site is. It’s mistakes like these that prevent our company from being more successful.

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