E-Bay Launches Classified Ad Service

March 09, 05 by kenrich

I saw in the news that E-bay has been buying up popular classified ad sites in other countries. Their goal is to create a Craig’s List site for cities outside of the United States.

Even though this will be a site providing free listings (and thus, no revenue,) I guess E-bay thought it would be in their best interest to dominate the online auction, sell, trade, wanted market. Experts say they are avoiding the United States based on the fact that Craig’s List has that area of the market cornered.

I believe they are going to jump into the US market after perfecting their product on the global market. Actually, E-bay has a 25% share of Craig’s List which they purchased recently. They are probably eyeing a merger sometime soon. Craig’s List is a free listing service for all classified ads except for career listings.

To check out the new E-bay classified ad site go to kijiji.com. There’s not too much to see on this site. In fact, all of the cities use a foreign language.

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