Firefox 2.0 – The Best Browser Around

October 27, 06 by kenrich

The other day, I just installed Firefox 2.0 to try it out on my machine. I am pretty impressed with the new browser although it isn’t a while lot different from the previous version. I had a problem with installing it the first time because when I tried to close my old Firefox, it appeared to close but it was actually still running when I installed. This caused all sorts of problems with the install such as missing images on the setup dialog and having all of my bookmarks disappear.

So I did the smart thing and uninstalled the application and then re-installed. This fixed all of the problems I was experiencing. I was disappointed that my favorite theme (Qute 3.1) was not supported in the new browser, however, I am able to enjoy the new default theme which matches the new Windows Vista interface quite nicely. My bookmark synchronizer also hasn’t been ported to the new browser. These issues are to be expected since the browser was only just released a couple of days ago.

I would definitely recommend doing some user tweaks to the browser after you first get it installed. I found some good tweaks from the developer site They include disabling the browser pre-fetch which attempts to pre-load pages that are linked to the page you are viewing. You can also tweak the amount of memory that Firefox uses and the behavior of the tab close buttons (which are changed in 2.0).

One of my favorite tweaks is the built-in spell checker which will check any typing you do in web forms. All text fields are checked in real time as you type. If you mis-spell a word, the word will be underlined in red. By right-clicking on the word, you can pick a suggested corrected spelling or you can add the word to the dictionary if you know it’s correct and shouldn’t be flagged as mis-spelled.

I recommend that you give this excellent program a try. Internet Explorer is introducing IE 7 which contains a lot of similar features. The benefits of Firefox is that it is more secure (since hackers don’t target it as much as IE). It has an excellent skinable architecture with it’s themes support and the add-ons and extensions allow you to customize it to do whatever you like. I rate this software 5 out of 5 stars.

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