Google Notebook is Another Winner

May 18, 06 by kenrich

Google Labs has just released their newest tool: Google Notebook. I’ve installed and been using this tool over the past 24 hours and am happy with it’s performance. It provides an excellent resource for all types of applications. What is particularly useful, is that you can share your notes among all your computers. Since the notes are stored on Google servers (just like Gmail), you can access your notebooks from anywhere on the Internet.

The application installs as a plugin to the Mozilla Firefox browser. Once installed, it provides a link to your notebook in the status bar of your browser. Clicking on this will give you a veiw of your notebooks and notes. If you keep large size notes, you will need to maximize the window which will basically show the notebook in your browser window. You can add, edit or delete notes from your browser without having to load the Google Notebook web page. This is definitely useful for maintaining a contact list with addresses and phone numbers.

As a programmer and web developer, this is a handy tool to store commonly used code and algorithms. The systems allows you to setup multiple notebooks. Within each notebook, you can define multiple headings. Unfortunately, they do not let you define nested headings. I’m sure that Google will fix this shortcoming very soon.

The Ajax interface is pretty slick. “Edit” and “Delete” buttons appear over a note when you move your cursor over it. As you move out of the note, they disappear again. There is also a handle that appears to the left of the note which allows you to move the note to a different position within the notebook. The edit controls allow you to change font family, color and size. You can also do bold or italicized text. I’ve noticed they also allow you to indent text using the tab key (in a basic textarea input, the tab key moves you to the next input on the form).

One bug that I did manage to find was when I went to color a section of text within a note. It worked the first three times or so, but when I went to change the color again, the application notified me that I need to select a section before setting the color. This despite the fact that I had already selected the section. I tried reloading and repeated these steps a number of times before finally giving up.

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