Happy Belated Easter Everybody

March 29, 05 by kenrich

I guess I should write something here in my blog. I hope that everyone had a good Easter weekend! I took my daughters on an easter egg hunt at the local park. There must’ve been about 5,000 eggs out there, but it only took about 30 seconds for the kids to scoop them all up. My two girls got a good amount of eggs without being greedy like many of the parents there.

Work has been crazy busy here. I’ve been slaving away trying to get some of the tougher bugs fixed. It is slow going right now because we are in the process of transitioning to new web projects. I’ve been helping to setup the new Visual Studio projects and configuring web sites (to develop locally.)

The weather is great in San Diego. You can’t beat this part of the country in the springtime. I wish I could spend more time outside to enjoy it. Oh well.

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