Hosting Switchover

November 12, 05 by kenrich

My company is well on the way to getting out of the hosting business. We are going to be transitioning a lot of our clients to a shared hosting environment. We were managing our own hosting environment, but we recently found that it was taking up too much of our time that we would rather spend developing web applications and client web sites.

Our Unix Hosting was setup a month ago and we have already moved a good number of sites over to that setup and we are very pleased with the performance. It should serve us well for many many years to come. I just hope that the Windows hosting we just signed up for offers a similar performance.

One major part of the windows transition will be porting all of the web applications to a MySQL database server. Right now we have all of our windows hosting using Microsoft SQL Server. I’ve done the majority of the work by converting our most recent intranet software over to MySQL. So it just becomes a simple matter of porting all of the specialized code that we’ve written for each individual client. The good news is that we have about two and a half months to do this conversion so hopefully we won’t be too pressed on time.

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