I Am Finally Getting Over My Sickness

February 15, 05 by kenrich

I think I am finally starting to get over this cold. I think it is something more like the flu. It probably had a limited effect since I already had the flu once this year. It’s weird being sick for 10 days straight. It seems like my immune system is going in slow motion.

On a positive note, I did manage to go to work every day this week. I’m sure my co-workers didn’t appreciate me being there when I’m sick. I am continuing work on numerous bug fixes and feature additions as always.

Currently, I am studying some new computer technologies that will enhance the web services that we offer through Orvado. I read an amazing statistic that said the percentage of adults in America between the age of 22 and 39 that own an MP3 player is 10%. That’s quite a lot of people. Experts are anticipating new uses for MP3 players and Cell Phone makers are planning to incorporate MP3 players into phones.

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