Inserting Images via a Content Mangement System

March 29, 06 by kenrich

One of the trickiest tasks of building a for windows is trying to add images to content. In my case, I need to provide a method to insert an image or series of images into an article. This needs to be done through a web (browser) interface. It seems like a relatively simple task, but making it seamless and intuitive are another matter.

One of the simplest methods of doing this is by just providing a separate interface for uploading the images you want to use. Then, when you go to create or edit an article, the operator can just choose the image you uploaded from drop-down list. This is very easy to do and will get the job done, but I’m not really sure if this is flexible enough.

I think what needs to be done is that a way to upload and insert the image in the article needs to be done in one step. This would allow users to insert the images “as they are needed” and not have to worry about remembering the image names. This would eliminate the need to sort through a long list of images trying to find the correct one.

One of the drawbacks of our new web hosting provider, is that we don’t have the luxury of installing custom components to use for image manipulation. It would be nice if I could create a thumbnail of each image. Thumbnails could be used for browsing an archive of images and allowing the operator to pick the image they want to insert into the content. Sure, I could use the full-size images and scale them to look like thumbnails, but the bandwidth used would be unacceptable.

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