I’ve Had it With Building Computers

January 26, 06 by kenrich

I really hate computers some times. Just recently, I was trying to put together a new system because my currrent system was having a problem overheating. I bought all new components and spent a whole night assembling the system. The next day when I tried to power it on, I got no response at all.

Usually, you can expect something to show on the monitor, or a the very least, the machine will beep at you with some diagnostic code. I got neither when I turned it on. So I spent another night just trying to diagnose the problem and fix it. Problem is, there is just no hint at what the problem might be. I checked all of the connections and even swapped out the power supply but still had the same result.

I’m about ready to throw this thing in the garbage. I’ve just about had it with building my own computers. I really would like to know why my original computer took a dump in the first place. I thought that computer was going to run forever and then I started having problems with the CPU over-heating. I think my CPU is fried.

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