Let’s All Welcome the Launch of Google Base

February 27, 06 by kenrich

Today, Google is allowing people to sell items on Google Base. This is a great threat to the long monopoly that E-bay has had over the years. While it’s true they don’t allow you to sell items at auction, the marketshare of Google ensures that any items posted there will reach a lot of eyeballs. This should make it much less painful to sell items without having to deal with all of the fees and charges that Google has.

With any luck, their new payment system will eliminate the exorbitent “final-value” fee that takes a cut of your sales. I am ecstatic to see Google take the lead in this. Our government and big corporations have been waging a war against consumers in America. Their profits are staggering and they needn’t be so. The same services can be offered by other companies for a small fraction of the cost we’re paying now.

It’s up to the consumers of America to respond: “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!” Hopefully, Google will expand their services to allow sellers to run auctions instead of just classified ads. Kudos to Google for giving consumers another choice. Let’s just hope they adhere to their motto: “Do no evil”.

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