Let’s Stick it to the Man

February 15, 06 by kenrich

It’s sickening to see how the government spends money like it’s water, and ocean water at that. We see the same thing with big corporations whose entire business revolves around the bottom line. It’s time for Americans to take a stand. As more jobs are moving overseas and incomes are dropping all around our great land, it’s time for us to take a stand.

As part of my contribution, I am working towards a new Internet service that will seek to take the place of a much larger paid service. As you can tell, I don’t want to reveal what exactly this is, but I guarantee, it will be a welcome relief to most Americans. Just another way for me to “stick it to the man!”

It is in our best interest to help each other out during these difficult times. It’s obvious the government has no interest in lending a hand. This is evident when looking at the debacle of hurricane Katrina. We’re more likely to be like the poor attorney who was behind Dick Cheney at their hunting excursion. Many Americans are taught that greed and materialism is good – but we have to temper those ambitions with moderation. Otherwise, we are no better than a pack of wild jackals. Stay tuned to this blog for an announcement about our new free internet service.

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