Marketing Go Swap Auctions

March 23, 06 by kenrich

Recently, I’ve found myself in the position of trying to generate traffic for a new Website I launched recently. This is my online Go Swap Auctions. I face a steady uphill battle as anyone who has launched a site can tell you.

I have experience in several different areas of marketing. I will be using every iota of experience I have to help get this auction site off of the ground. There are many marketing tricks that I use and none of them are really top secret. You can find more information on these tricks by doing a Google search for .

Things would have been so much easier if I had kept working on my old site and kept it active. My new website represents a complete rewrite of my old auction site. This was necessary because my old site was written using Mason, which is not supported by the majority of web hosts. For this reason, I did a complete rewrite in PHP and so far I’ve been plesently surprised by how easy it has been to develop.

There’s no easy road to making a website a success. Unless you have a built-in user base or tons of money to throw intor advertising, you should expect a lot of work ahead. In the end, it is worth it though. You can look back and feel like you’ve accomplished something.

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