My Parents Are Headed North Again

April 07, 05 by kenrich

My parents are heading north once again. My Mom always goes to visit my Grandma in Wasco (just outside of Bakersfield) and my dad heads north to visit with his Mom (in British Columbia.) Right now my Dad has dropped off my Mom and is making the long trek up to Canada.

He will be stopping to visit my brother who lives in Pullman, Washington for the weekend before going all the way to Canada. They had some snow in Washington last week, but I haven’t heard about anything this week. Wow! just checked the weather map and I see they are getting a lot of rain up in those parts.

It should be a very interesting trip for my dad. This isn’t the first time he has driven up north when it’s been snowing / raining so hopefully, he will be well prepared. With any luck, I’ll be able to go visit him again this year during my summer vacation. My daughters really enjoyed visiting there and making good use of the swimming pool.

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