My Work Computer Slows Me Down

September 07, 05 by kenrich

I think I have the slowest computer in the whole office here. I started work here nearly 5 years ago. Since then I have been using the same computer the whole time. It is basically a Pentium III 1GHZ box with 512MB of RAM. It’s okay for browsing the web and reading e-mail, but beyond that, it’s way past it’s prime.

Over the years, I have seen my co-workers receive numerous upgrades. A couple of our managers have dual 19″ flat panels while I was using dual 17″ CRTs up until just recently. So we have managers (who mainly read e-mails and compose Word documents) and call center representatives using 3GHz Pentium 4s, while I’m trying to do heavy development work in Developer Studio and Microsoft SQL Server.

I hate it when a company runs totally “Ass-backwards”. They may listen to the needs of the Graphic designers who require the latest Dual-G5 machines to create their nifty keen images, but the needs of the developers are sorely overlooked. One of these days my computer is going to go “poof” and totally fry and I’ll lose a lot of my saved documents. At that point, they will probably just replace my computer with another outdated relic from the 20th century.

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