New Version of ASP Nuke Released

September 17, 04 by kenrich

Today I finished packaging and launching the latest version of ASP Nuke. It is available for download off of the home page (ASP Nuke Home Page) This version adds support for MySQL which is an open source database server which can be obtained free of charge.

This week will mark the 1 year anniversary of the project that I have
developed solely on my own in my free time. I have placed a link for
donations on the site but so far have not received a single penny in
donations. It’s okay though because I really wasn’t trying to make a lot of money with this project. It’s more to showcase my skills and help out others who want a powerful and dynamic web site but don’t have the time or motivation to build it.

With the new support for two different databases, it should expand the audience of people who use my software and allow me to make further enhancements along the way. A large majority of the major bugs have already been fixed since the site has been in use for a year and I get instant notification of scripting errors that occur on the site.

One of my next steps for the project will be to create a “snapshot” of the database structure so that I can build a “database migration script” when I launch the next version of ASP Nuke. But first I will probably relax and work on some other projects that I have been neglecting.

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