Orvado Blog Hosting Promotion – $5 per Month

January 14, 05 by kenrich

Yes, I am now officially an advertising whore. Like many other blogs I have read through on Blog Explosion, I have placed a rather large advertisement at the top of my page. This is to help promote my web hosting services through Orvado Technologies.

If you care to learn more about the special blog hosting deal I have put together, please click on the banner ad above. I would also appreciate it if you could leave some comments here about the package I am offering and whether or not you have any suggestions that might help improve it.

A lot of hosting companies are doing blog hosting right now and I thought I would toss my hat into the ring. We have a lot of experience in hosting and can setup a professional blog site within 24 hours. If your blog is hosted and not provide by a service (such as blogger), I would love to hear how you like your service and what are the pros and cons of your hosting package. Thanks!

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