Orvado Directory Launched

April 15, 05 by kenrich

Today, I finished building a link directory for Orvado.
It only took about 6 hours to build the whole thing including back-end administration. That is mainly because I have a library of code which I can draw upon which allows me to build applications quickly.

The application includes a SQL Server backend and a process whereby people can submit their sites for inclusion in the directory. I am part of a link exchange program right now, and the primary use will be for hosting links to other sites. Having the links organized by category, makes your site friendlier to search engines.

I had originally planned to have the category pages named something relevant that looked relatively static (like web_hosting.html.) However, IIS has limitations on including dynamic content (.asp pages) on static pages (.html pages.) This will be a future task for me as I struggle to understand the mysteries of how search engines work.

Go check out the Orvado Directory now!

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