PHP BB Forum Vulnerability

December 23, 04 by kenrich

A news report on the Internet mentioned that a lot of sites were being hacked due to vulnerabilities in phpBB forum software. I believe that I have been a victim of this malicious virus. Somebody broke into our server about 8 months ago and wiped out a lot of our files. Specifically, they targetted all “index.html” and “index.php” files on the server.

It really makes me angry to see poorly written code such as this on software that was so widely used. Open-source software writers should work harder to maintain security in their products in order to promote industry acceptance. It’s events like these that give Microsoft another good excuse to badmouth Open Source and free software.

I’m glad that I have switched to Phorum instead of phpBB. It runs a lot faster than phpBB and has a large number of plug-ins to extend the functionality. I converted my forum site: WinXP Forum to this software just last month.

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