Programming Windows Forms in C#

May 16, 06 by kenrich

Lately, I’ve been studying traditional DotNet programming instead of doing web development. It provides a nice break from the monotony of building websites. When you’ve built as many as I’ve had, you need to take a break every now and then. I am considering going for a Microsoft certification in programming and web development for the DotNet platform. I’m going to look into the different curriculums available and find one that suits my skills and studies.

I’ve got some good reference books to study from and I’ve taken up learning Windows forms programming using the C# language. It’s an excellent language that has all the benefits of an object-oriented language such as Java and then some. It make developing windows applications a breeze. I used to develop windows form applications in Visual C++, but managing all of the handles and pointers and memory management was just too much of a pain. Visual Basic abstracts a lot of these details for you and is a much better alternative if you are interested in Rapid Application Development.

Anyways, I’ve built a couple of small useful utilities in C# so far. One is a password list which can be added and updated. This lives in the system tray and stores login information encrypted in an XML file. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the program will lock itself so that nobody can read the encrypted passwords when you are away from your computer. Another program monitors websites to make sure they are up and running. You can read more about this from my previous post.

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