Rebuilding an Older Computer

June 16, 06 by kenrich

My computer at home was having problems recognizing my AGP video in an old system I was putting together. I think there was an IRQ conflect between the built-in video and the AGP video memory or something like that. Even though I disabled the onboard video in the BIOS, the system refused to recognize my video card.

It wasn’t like the video card didn’t work. I’d still get graphics but even when I tried to install the correct drivers for the card, the system didn’t recognize the device. I finally ended up giving up on the AGP port and just went with a PCI video card. It’s not AGP, but it still runs about 40x faster than the AGP card I had installed.

Next I’m going to have to re-install the sound card I used to have installed. After reverting back to the onboard sound card, the speakers are generating some really annoying noises that are definitely not normal. Once this is done, it should make the computer complete (well unless I install a bigger hard drive that is).

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