Returning to a Website Project and Finding Problems

September 07, 06 by kenrich

It’s amazing how when you step away from a project, you believe that everything is working fine. Months later, you go back to work on the project to find out that what you thought was working wasn’t even close. This just happened to me while I was working on my new Team Task site.

I have been going through the forums application and I noticed that posting replies was not working properly. When you attempted to post a reply, the system would instead post a new topic. Definitely not a desirable behavior and something that needed to be fixed immediately. The good news is that this is now fixed and I found some other issues as well.

The HTML used to build the page was rendering differently in Firefox than it was in Internet Explorer. It seems that when using the break tag (br), the two browsers handle them differently when placed alongside paragraph and table elements. The solution was to change my paragraph tags to div tags and now everything looks consistent.

I was also plagued by the Firefox not wanting to abide by inline CSS style attributes. Instead, I placed these styles within their own style element and created ID selectors to reference the style of these elements. It’s a shame that the site has been in a state of disrepair for so long. I hope to get this site running in prime form very shortly.

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