Running Out of Disk Space

December 30, 05 by kenrich

So tonight I was analyzing my wife’s computer because she kept seeing a notice indicating that she was running out of space on her computer. After poking around the filesystem for a while, I determined that there were a huge number of files stored in her “My Documents” folder. At first, I thought this was my old profile that had been stored on the computer, but that didn’t take up much storage.

As it turned out, it was her profile that held over a half of a million files. In all, they totalled more than 12GB, although after waiting for 30 minutes, windows explorer had not finished counting the number of files or the amount of storage used. I thought maybe it was some virus or spyware that was creating tons of useless files on her drive. And then I thought maybe it was the Internet Explorer cached files.

So I went to “Tools” and then “Internet Options” in the Internet Explorer browser. I then clicked on delete files and checked the “delete all offline content” button. More than three hours later and her computer is still deleting files. It has cleared out more than 12 GB of cached content. Yes, it’s safe to say that my wife does a lot of surfing on the Internet. What makes this more amazing is that the computer is not that slow, the hard drive is a Western Digital Raptor (SATA) and the CPU is a 2.6GHz Pentium IV with Hyper Threading.

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