SiteMeter Web Stats is Too Funky

May 19, 06 by kenrich

Today I compared the web stats for this blog (provided by my hosting provider) with the stats reported by SiteMeter. My SiteMeter stats were pathetically low. So low, it doesn’t even take into account people who may have stumbled across my blog just by entering a typo into their browser. For a while, I actually beleived that these stats were accurate which a large part of the reason why I haven’t been posting much on the blog recently.

My web hosting stats show nearly 100 times the amount of activity that SiteMeter does. Maybe it’s just me, and I installed SiteMeter incorrectly on this site. Otherwise, I wonder if their product actually works. I am going to remove the SiteMeter link from my blog for now. I will probably switch to Google Analytics to give me better reporting of my site visitors.

For anyone that hasn’t tried Google Analytics, it is a good offering. It provides you web stats as well as help you find marketting terms that will help to bring visitors to your site. Last I checked, they had a waiting list to receive an account with them. I signed up for an account and it took maybe one or two months before I received my account. It’s definitely a valuable resource if you are serious about advertising and marketing.

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