Starting to Learn Dot Net

October 10, 04 by kenrich

I have just started work on a dotNet project with the intention of helping myself to learn dotNet. Unlike my typical programming, this time I am programming a standard Windows application instead of a web application.

This is a very simple application that will allow you to store a
collection of usernames and passwords. Then by using one single password, you can access your password collection.

The password manager will always be available to you by placing an icon in the system tray (on the bottom right of the screen). So when you minimize or close the application it will go back to the tray. Opening the password manager will require you to login again.

Some of the technologies I am learning are: System I/O, array manipulation, forms programming, state management, encryption and authentication. Although I am only scratching the surface of these technologies, it is a good learning experience for dotNet. I hope to get certified by Microsoft as a dotNet developer very soon in the future.

Once the project is complete, I will probably release it into the public domain via It should be a good tool that many will find useful and should drive some traffic to my business site.

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