Suprnova’s Exeem Bit Torrent Client

December 30, 04 by kenrich

Today, Suprnova made its big announcement regarding the future of their web site. Supernova was a site where you could find links to “torrents” that file downloaders use to share files. I guess they finally bowed to the pressure of the MPAA and RIAA and shut down their site.

In an act of defiance, they are releasing a new file-sharing program that works like bit-torrent without a centralized server. Unfortunately, the program is only being released for windows and is going to be loaded with “adware”. Even though the program will be free to download, they will make money off the program through the mandatory “adware” provided by Gain.

Gain is one of the most intrusive spyware applications available and I wouldn’t trust having it on my computer. If you have any doubts whether or not you have spyware on your computer, you should download a trial version of ad-aware or similar software to scan your computer.

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