The Godfather

August 08, 05 by kenrich

Last night I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the Godfather for the first time. Not only was it the director’s cut, but it was on TV so instead of just being 3 hours long, it made the movie 4 hours long. It was okay though because I was working on a plan for a new business at the time and I needed all that time to think up new ideas.

I must say that it was a pretty remarkable movie. Especially considering the time when it was made (1972). Everybody always talks about how good Marlon Brando was in this film, but I really liked the performance of Al Pacino. I was nicely suprised to see that this film wasn’t loaded with violence like a lot of movies today. I’d heard about how gory and violent movies like Scarface were and I thought this was more in the same vein.

There’s a lot of interesting trivia about this film on the IMDB. For instance, the movie studio wanted to do a cheap production with the film set in the modern day (1972), but lucky for us Francis Ford Coppola stayed true to the Mario Puzo novel upon which the screenplay was based. I would give this film a perfect 5 stars – must see.

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