Tracking Spam IP Addresses

March 09, 05 by kenrich

I’ve been using the GeoBytes IP Address Locator service to track the source of spam that our servers receive. Just today I noticed they have disabled the free lookup service on their site. Now, you get a login page which comes up. I guess too many people were abusing this service or else they just decided they needed to make money.

Not to fear, however, I have found an equally good alternative. The “American Registry of Internet Numbers” lookup page provides me with an excellent IP address lookup that will tell me exactly where the address is registered or point me to the registry that can tell me the information.

This can be used to locate addresses in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I typically ban spammers who use IP addresses out of these countries. At the top of my list of spam abuse is Korea, China and Spain. The more spam they send, the easier it is for me to ban their entire country. Some spam comes out of the United States too, but it is a lot less than other foreign countries.

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